Bài viết tiếng Anh về lễ hội Tết Trung Thu. | trung thu tiếng anh | Playlist kiến thức học ngoại ngữ Từ Cơ bản Đến Nâng Cao

Nếu bạn đang muốn tra cứu cách làm nhắc về nội dung trung thu tiếng anh, Nhưng Bạn chưa tìm được nguồn tin tức khiến bạn hài lòng hoặc những câu trả lời giá trị cho nội dung của mình, thì mời bạn xem ngay bài viết rõ ràng sau đây được chúng tôi viết ngay sau đây.

Bài viết tiếng Anh về lễ hội Tết Trung Thu. | Xem thêm nhiều kiến thức học ngoại ngữ tại đây.

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Bài viết tiếng Anh về lễ hội Tết Trung Thu. và các hình ảnh liên quan đến chủ đề này.

Bài viết tiếng Anh về lễ hội Tết Trung Thu.

trung thu tiếng anh và các Thông tin liên quan đến chuyên mục này.

[ Tiếng Anh dẫn tour ] Speak English about Mid-Autumn Festival with foreigners

TRADITIONAL CULTURE IDENTIFICATION Mid-autumn Festival, the 158th day of the lunar calendar every year is the day people and homes across the country celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival and gather around happily. The children playfully carried the star lantern, watched Hang shine, sang the song to welcome the Mid-Autumn Festival. The adults happily watched the children laugh and joke, the whole family happily reunited together. These days, the childhood memories of the procession of the lanterns, the times of playing and breaking the party together, appear in the minds of those who have grown up. Childhood, Mid-Autumn Festival, every time is different. Although there is no longer a child to break the party together like when they were a child, adults also have the joy of reunion, watching children play, breaking the full moon day, smiling contentedly. Mid-Autumn Festival carries lights to go out I carry lights around the streets Happy with lights in hand I dance in the full moon Lights with carp lights Swan lights with butterflies and butterflies I carry this light to the moon Lights Blue with purple and purple lights Blue lights with white and white lights In the bright and colorful lights High above the beautiful round shape Illuminating the ceiling with gentle light The full moon in August, the shadow of Hang is pure, I dance and sing happily to welcome Ms. Hang Tung Dinh Dinh Dinh Dinh Dinh Dinh Dinh Sticky Sticks I bring this light to the Moon Palace Tung Dinh Dinh Dinh Dinh Dinh Tung Dinh Dinh Dinh Dinh Stick Sticks I carry the lanterns to welcome my sister Hang Mid-Autumn Festival moon cakes full of gifts Home baby love standing around Asking for lotus seeds and fillings I want to eat four, five or three servings Sweet and fragrant like a scone Sweet and spicy like ginger jam and pumpkin jam Eating cool and feeling more happy Melon seeds are bitten and bursting Happy people talking and laughing hastily Bao heart celebrates the full moon ….. Subscribe to IELTS Fighter to receive notifications of the latest videos to dry Don’t miss the interesting lesson videos, right at this link: 👉 Introduce yourself by IELTS Speaking Ms. Duong Cam Tu: 👉 Talk about A subject you learned at school: 👉 Introduce yourself by IELTS Speaking Ms. Nguyen Bang Thuong: Check out other great videos: 🍓Talk about a website you regularly use: 🍓Talk about a TV show you enjoy watching: 🍓5 words that are pronounced or wrong in IELTS Speaking: Follow the extremely full learning curve enough for you to learn IELTS Online at IELTS Fighter through the following articles: 💜 Self-study route from 0 to 5.0: 💜 Path from 5.0 to 6.5: IELTS Fighter The leading IELTS Training Center in Vietnam Branch 1: 254 Hoang Van Thai, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi; Tel: 0462 956 422 Branch 2: 44 Tran Quoc Hoan, Cau Giay, Hanoi; Tel: 0466 862 804 Branch 3: 410 Xa Dan, Dong Da, Hanoi; Tel: 0466 868 815 Branch 4: 350, 3/2 Street, 10 District, HCM; Tel: 0866 57 57 29 Branch 5: 94 Cong Hoa, Tan Binh, HCM; Tel: 02866538585 Branch 6: 85 Dien Bien Phu, Binh Thanh, HCM; Tel: 028 6660 4006 Branch 7: 233 Nguyen Van Linh, Thanh Khe, Da Nang; Tel: 0236 357 2009 Branch 8: L39.6 Cityland Phan Van Tri residential area, Go Vap District, HCMC 🍓Website: 🍓Fanpage: 🍓Group: 🍓Holine: 0963 891 756 IELTSSPEAKING IELTSFIGHTER TRUNGTHU

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Learn English Mid-Autumn Festival with Elight | Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

➤ 4CE comprehensive English learning ecosystem including: Class (class), Club (Club), Estudy (Online learning system), Conference (Workshop) and Community (Community activities), only at Langmaster! Learn more at ➤Langmaster Learning System A comprehensive communicative English learning system for beginners/losses: ➤ 1-on-1 online tutoring course: ➤ Full online English course for communicating with GVBNs: ➤ Subscribe to Youtube channel: Basic English vocabulary 45 words about Mid-Autumn Festival [Tiếng Anh giao tiếp Langmaster] ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ➡️ List of useful and interesting English communication lessons at Langmaster English: 1⃣ Langmaster Review: feelings about Langmaster: 2⃣ Effective English learning method for beginners / losers: 3⃣ English learning route for beginners: 4⃣ Standard English pronunciation like a native: 5⃣ Communicative English Basic contact: 6⃣ Learn English for everyday communication: 7⃣ English vocabulary by common topics: 8⃣ Practice listening and communicating in English: 9️⃣ Information about Langmaster’s books: ➤ Join the community passionate about learning English : Understand yourself to find the most suitable route and method to learn English online by solving The only in-depth consulting method at LANGMASTER Comment your phone number for direct advice Share to record Remember and learn! HoctiengEnglish English GiaoTiep Langmaster Learn_English_online

Learn English through Mid-Autumn Festival | Children’s English | Happy Garden

Mid-Autumn Festival is very meaningful to everyone because it is the most beautiful moon day of the month, not only that, it is also an opportunity for everyone to gather, eat cake, drink tea together and enjoy the beauty of nature. course. On the occasion of this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival, the Education Library would like to wish everyone a very happy Mid-Autumn Festival with their families, many advantages, many successes and lots of luck. “Happy Mid-Autumn Day! Wish that you go well and have a successful and bright future.” Enjoy the Mid-Autumn Festival, but don’t forget to study!

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Touch English! Songs Mid Autumn Festival Folk Song

Mid-Autumn Festival in English is ‘midautumn festival’. This is a simple phrase, but many Vietnamese people pronounce it wrong. Standard pronunciation is the shortest path to successful communication. MoonESL Training Center Website: Facebook: Ms. Moon’s personal Facebook: Watch the video on vnexpress here

Langmaster English vocabulary by theme Mid-Autumn Festival [Học tiếng ANh giao tiếp cơ bản 10]

English Exam To Win Giant Mid-Autumn Festival Gifts❤ Baby channel❤ Video of you Thanh Bang taking English exams to win huge Mid-Autumn gifts, friends. Please watch and share Bang’s video so that she can receive a gift! Baby channel would like to thank parents and friends for watching the video.❤ Please subscribe to the channel to not miss any new videos of Baby Channel Free here: Good luck, study well and Good luck. Happy Children Watching! (。◕‿◕。) Please Like, Share, Comment, Subscribe to motivate me to continue serving you (。◕‿◕。) babychannel thanhbang ngocruby

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Bài viết tiếng Anh về lễ hội Tết Trung Thu..

trung thu tiếng anh.

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