The history of our world in 18 minutes | David Christian | thank you and best regards là gì | Tự học vẽ tranh đẹp tại nhà

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The history of our world in 18 minutes | David Christian | thank you and best regards là gì.

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The history of our world in 18 minutes | David Christian và các hình ảnh liên quan đến đề tài này.

The history of our world in 18 minutes | David Christian
The history of our world in 18 minutes | David Christian

Hãy truy cập để nhận toàn bộ thư viện TED Talks, bản ghi, bản dịch, đề xuất bài nói chuyện được cá nhân hóa và hơn thế nữa. Được hỗ trợ bởi những hình ảnh minh họa tuyệt đẹp, David Christian thuật lại toàn bộ lịch sử vũ trụ, từ Vụ nổ lớn đến Internet, trong 18 phút hấp dẫn. Đây là “Lịch sử lớn”: một cái nhìn đầy sáng suốt, góc nhìn rộng về sự phức tạp, cuộc sống và nhân loại, được thiết lập dựa trên sự chia sẻ mỏng manh của chúng ta về dòng thời gian vũ trụ. Kênh TED Talks giới thiệu các bài nói và buổi biểu diễn hay nhất từ ​​Hội nghị TED, nơi các nhà tư tưởng và nhà sáng tạo hàng đầu thế giới đưa ra bài nói chuyện về cuộc đời của họ trong 18 phút (hoặc ít hơn). Tìm kiếm các cuộc nói chuyện về Công nghệ, Giải trí và Thiết kế – cùng với khoa học, kinh doanh, các vấn đề toàn cầu, nghệ thuật và hơn thế nữa. Bạn có thể liên kết đến hoặc nhúng những video này, chuyển tiếp chúng cho người khác và chia sẻ những ý tưởng này với những người bạn biết. Theo dõi TED trên Twitter: Thích TED trên Facebook: Đăng ký kênh của chúng tôi: Các video của TED có thể được sử dụng cho các mục đích phi thương mại theo Giấy phép Creative Commons, Ghi công – Phi thương mại – Không phái sinh (hoặc CC BY – NC – ND 4.0 International) và theo Chính sách sử dụng TED Talks của chúng tôi (Để biết thêm thông tin về việc sử dụng TED cho mục đích thương mại (ví dụ: học tập của nhân viên, trong một bộ phim hoặc khóa học trực tuyến), vui lòng gửi Yêu cầu Phương tiện tại.

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thank you and best regards là gì và các Thông tin liên quan đến từ khoá này.

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The history of our world in 18 minutes | David Christian.

thank you and best regards là gì.

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37 thoughts on “The history of our world in 18 minutes | David Christian | thank you and best regards là gì | Tự học vẽ tranh đẹp tại nhà”

  1. Dude was my professor. He change the way I think about human nature and I somehow ended up studying linguistics and computer science as a result. Great teacher.

  2. 2021 they say there was more than one explosion at the big bang and all that energy couldn't have created only one univers so therefore it should be a multiverse

  3. First there was nothing and then all of a sudden a dense football appears out of nowhere !! Give me a break ! Even a 3 year old baby would tell that its Bullshit!!!
    How can something pop out of nothing ?
    It had to be created.

  4. As an alternate may I suggest reading the Book of Genesis and see what makes more sense Creation vs Evolution? Chapter 10 explains how civilization occurs. Chapter 11 Why there are so many different languages,

  5. But randomly popping up videos about flat earthers, anti-maskers, karens and kens, make me believe that we as humans, have failed in educating ourselves.

  6. Mush to complexity
    law of entropy- order to disorder
    Stupendous complexity
    University can create complexity
    complexity build by stage by stage
    complex things get more fragile.

    why complexity mean fragility?
    winding the timeline back
    Tiniest atom
    simple atoms h2 helium
    cosmic mush
    gravity is more powerful with more stuff
    cloud compact gr strong and centre of cloud, huge release of energy
    when very large star die

  7. Goldilocks = Fairytale… How we love creating myths… information our new temple, science our priest, but fallibility our doom.

  8. I think the big bang is cyclical, we will be pulled back to the center , and bang again ? Or go into the enormous black hole that would be at out universes center , where we started, and go to a new universe where we BANG again , we are travelers perhaps.

  9. … Around us there is nothing. There is no even time and space….Imagine the darkest, emptiest thing you can, and suddenly bang! A universe appears….

    WAIT, who created that darkest-emptiest thing and did the bang ?
    P.S. If our huge intellect, which makes us the most complex and supreme creatures of all, does not acknowledge our creator and does not help us know our purpose of being created, it is leading us toward inevitable trouble and lose.

    May Allah guide us.

  10. Beautiful, reading ‘talk like Ted’ and this was recommended in the intro chapter, fantastic speech, in less than 18 mins we learn about billion years of history!

  11. Literally the dumbest thing I've listened to. He proved that he can google and read a bunch of information, Use the "collective information" to tell us something we could have already known/not cared about. The dinosaurs and the make up of a star doesn't affect your life in anyway. Start thinking for yourself and stop letting people think for you.

  12. Looking back to the past, we need to know that mankind’s history is not following a straight path. Civilizations come and go in a cycle of seven. Over and over again. The cause of this is the ninth planet in our solar system. With long time intervals planet 9 approaches our sun and its planets. It crosses the ecliptic plane of the planets with a very high speed. Than it causes a huge tidal wave, hurricanes, flooding, earthquakes and volcano eruptions on our planet. And a bombardment of fiery meteors. At the end, planet Earth is covered with a layer of mud. Many animal species are wiped out, mankind hardly survives. Civilization has to start anew. If you don't know this cycle, history is incomprehensible. To learn much more about the cycle of recurring floods and its timeline, the recreation of civilizations and ancient high technology, read the eBook: "Planet 9 = Nibiru". You can read it nicely on any computer, tablet or smartphone. Search for: invisible nibiru 9

  13. Really excellent encapsulation of our history that is presented here, however, there is a major oversight and flaw. This is the view of the dying scientific paradigm of Newton and Descartes – it is based in an atomistic, mechanistic, dualistic, materialist reductionism, which quantum physics, ecology, systems theory, chaos theory, epigenetics, and mind-brain research, all show is obsolete and out-moded. The focus on collective learning is useful and powerful, and the emphasis on our creativity and adaptability is greatly important, and these are very valuable and worthy of applause. But the underlying mechanistic and materialist bias and paradigm, makes the entire narrative akin to how we today would view a Ptolemaic scholar talking about the history of the world. We are in the midst of a paradigm shift, as the great historian of science Thomas Kuhn called it. In the near future, when the paradigm shift is complete – and these things take decades and sometimes centuries – if we survive, we will look at this presentation of the history of the world as woefully inadequate and utterly crude. It is time we embraced a non-dualistic, holistic and organic view of life and the cosmos. The science is clear, and the evidence is conclusive. We – other than a minority of scientists, sages, thinkers and others – have simply not yet made the shift in consciousness to accord with it.


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